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Beginnings: Prelude and Chapters I-III

Prelude: Traveling Companions

Chapter I: Juggling Puppies

Chapter II: Onwards

Chapter III: Meeting Up in Helgastop – Part 1

Chapter III: Meeting Up in Helgastop – Part 2

Chapter III: Meeting Up in Helgastop – Part 3

Chapter III: Meeting Up in Helgastop – Part 4

Chapter III: Meeting Up in Helgastop – Part 5

Circle of Stones: Chapters IV – XI

Chapter IV: A Stranger on the Road

Chapter V: Panthers and Crows

Chapter VI: Patching Pincushions

Chapter VII: The Walking Wounded

Chapter VIII: Circle of Stones

Chapter IX: Undoing the Voodoo

Chapter X: A Many-Legged Problem

Chapter XI: Mad Hope for the Hopeless

Into the Highlands: Chapters XIIXVI

Chapter XII: Black Hound

Chapter XIII: Rest and Hungry Babes

Chapter XIV: Strange Meetings and Awkward Pauses

Chapter XV: Was It the Oatmeal?

Chapter XVI: The Milk of Human Kindness

Fortress of Sorrows: Chapters XVIIXXXI

Chapter XVII: Walk Warily

Chapter XVIII: Preparing for the Feast

Chapter XIX: In the Hall

Chapter XX: A Flexible Sense of Honor

Chapter XXI: A Knife At the Back

Chapter XXII: Poison and Treachery

Chapter XXIII: Nearly At Full Strength

Chapter XXIV: The Fickleness of the Heart

Chapter XXV: What Walks These Halls?

Chapter XXVI: Small Charms

Chapter XXVII: Parley Among the Living Dead

Chapter XXVIII: Cairn of Sorrows

Chapter XXIX: Stone Is My Heart

Chapter XXX: Hour of the Living, Hour of the Dead

Chapter XXXI: Dowries and Farewells

Morrow’s Hold: Chapters XXXII – XL

Chapter XXXII: Morrow’s Hold

Chapter XXXIII: Surprise Reunions

Chapter XXXIV: What Is That Stench?

Chapter XXXV: Wet Jesters and Missing Babes

Chapter XXXVI: Strawberries and Rings

Chapter XXXVII: A Wet Night to Go Fishing

Chapter XXXVIII: No Catch for Ye Tonight

Chapter XXXIX: The Stirring of Dead Dreams

Chapter XL: Brandied Pup and Sweeter Dreams

Aboard The Star Dreamer: Chapters XLI – end

Chapter XLI: On the Evening’s Tide

Chapter XLII: Discourse In the Dark

Chapter XLIII: Shadowed Sails

Chapter XLIV: What Are Dreams Made Of?

Chapter XLV: In a Glass Darkly

Chapter XLVI: Drowned Innocence

Chapter XLVII: Be Wary What You Wish For

Chapter XLVIII: Under the Eyes of Hope

Chapter XLIX: Soul Choices


Epilogue I: Returning to Morrow’s Hold

Epilogue II: Keir’s Tale

Epilogue III: The Nearness of Kin

Epilogue IV: Fifteen Years of Traveling

Epilogue V: The Paths of Memory

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